Be honest, when you think of living in the Muskoka region, what comes to mind?  You pictured a lake, right? Some people see trees and wildlife and endless outdoor activities, but there’s always a lake in there somewhere. And for good reason; there are over 2,000 lakes throughout the region, each one with a story to tell.

It seems that for most people, living on the water is the ultimate dream when they picture moving to North Muskoka. But can you still have a great life in Muskoka if you don’t live on the water?

It’s Still Muskoka

The answer is a definite yes!  You can still be happy. Living on the water in North Muskoka may be the ideal, but that doesn’t mean you can’t find beautiful properties away from the water. The trees are the same, the trails are the same, the air is the same and the lakes are the same, you just don’t have a view of one from your house or cottage.

Public Water Access

Of course, that doesn’t mean that you aren’t allowed access to all the lakes. Fairy Lake, Waseosa Lake, Skeleton Lake, Lake of Bays , etc; all have public access points. There are scores of public boat launches and public beaches, so you don’t have feel left out simply because you don’t live on the lake. You can swim, fish, water ski, parasail and ice fish just like everyone else. It might require a little more time to get to the water, and a little more doing to get your boat in the water, but you won’t have to miss out.

Anyone living off the water in North Muskoka and the surround area has the option to do just as much outdoor activity as anyone else. The perception that you must be on the water to enjoy yourself, is just that.

Budgetary Benefits

In most cases, a home off the water is much easier on the budget than a home on the water. In many cases, the difference is quite substantial. The house may be the same or even more elaborate, it’s just being on the water that makes the difference in price so great.

If you’re intrigued by the thought of living in Muskoka, but haven’t considered a place off the water for whatever reason, give me a call. We may be able to find you a property that can make your dream a reality.