The Huntsville area, and all of North Muskoka really, is known for many things, but an abundance of picturesque lakes has to be at the top of the list.  The forests and trails and clean air all add to the mystique, but the lakes are what give the area its personality.

One of the lakes that makes Muskoka beautiful is Fairy Lake.  Known by many as the “gateway to Algonquin Park,” this lake has a lot to offer.

General Information

Fairy Lake is popular among the residents of Huntsville and the cottagers who spend their leisure time in the area.  If you are in Huntsville, you can access the lake from Highway 60 to the north or Muskoka Rd. 2 to the west.  Boaters can access the lake through a couple different boat launches; one on the south end and one on the north end.

The surface area of the lake is about 6.9 square kilometers with a maximum depth of nearly 200 feet.  The size of the lake makes it great for fishing, and you can find a few different species including lake trout, rock bass, smallmouth bass, muskie and yellow perch, depending on the time of year.

The Connection

Fairy Lake is part of a connected, man-made waterway that is the longest in the Muskoka region.  Along with Fairy Lake, Mary Lake, Lake Vernon and Peninsula Lake are all connected.  If you travel from Lake Vernon to Fairy Lake, you will see a swing bridge that was built way back in 1938.  It is one of 11 left in Ontario, making it a pretty unique sight.

The Association

The love for Fairy Lake is so great among some area residents that they created an association.  The Fairy Lake Association was created to help keep the lake and the surrounding area healthy and natural.  Members of the association regularly check the water quality, they perform a thorough clean up each spring and they organize various social activities to keep the lake safe.

It’s true that Fairy Lake is just one little lake out of a couple thousand in the Muskoka region, but the history, the scenery and the people who care for it make it special.  If you’ve never been, you should really consider it.  Even if you don’t end up buying, the memory will be a keeper.