While a day of ice fishing is hardly about the types of food you ate while you were out there haulin’ them in, you can’t go out on the ice with nothing. It’s important to bring along snacks that are easy to transport, keep you satisfied and keep you energized, so you can focus on fishing and not how hungry you are.

Here are five options that will make for an enjoyable day.

1. Dehydrated Foods

A food dehydrator can be one of your best friends when you are preparing snacks for a day out on the ice. With a decent dehydrator, a few basic ingredients and some simple recipes, you can make several different types of jerky, as well as dried fruits to satisfy your sweet tooth. Dehydrated foods are designed to avoid spoilage, so they are an ideal snack to bring along.

2. Granola

A custom-made granola mix is another snack that provides a nice mix of protein, sugar and fiber. You can buy it pre-made or make your own the night before. The ingredients may vary, depending on your preference, but old-fashioned oats, slivered almonds, dried cranberries, raisins, maple syrup or honey and melted butter are common choices. Toast the nuts in a 300-degree oven until they are lightly browned before assembling all the ingredients together.

3. Energy Bars

Energy bars are convenient to eat out on the ice, and as the name suggests, they provide you with much-needed energy. Health stores and some larger department stores have quality versions, and you can make your own if you are so inclined. Most recipes include different types of nuts, dried fruit, some form of cereal, peanut butter and a sweetener like corn syrup or honey to hold everything together.

4. Sandwiches

There is nothing overly exciting about bringing sandwiches out with you when you are ice fishing, but that simplicity makes them a good snack. Peanut butter and jelly is a common choice, but you can customize by substituting honey for the jelly, throwing in a banana or going in a different direction altogether with some type of meat.

5. Hot & Cold Drinks

Hydration is critical, even when it is the winter and you are trying to keep warm more than anything else. Filling a couple thermoses with hot water before you head out will allow you to make some tea or hot chocolate later in the day.  You can also use the hot water for chicken noodle soup or instant oatmeal.

Fresh, plain water is also important to bring along, because despite your shivering, all that hole-drilling and pulling in fish is taking its toll. Bring a few liters of water in whatever kind of container won’t allow it to freeze during the day.

You can find many premium ice fishing locations throughout North Muskoka; just make sure you follow safety precautions and bring the right snacks and you’ll have a great time!