There’s really no denying that the North Muskoka region is mostly about the outdoors and nature and “getting away from it all.” You may have a permanent cottage up here, you may just be visiting or you may be looking for one of your own.

Whatever your situation, the lakes and the woods and the trails hold most of the entertainment value, but not all of it. Here’s a small sampling of other North Muskoka entertainment opportunities that will keep you coming back for more.

Santa’s Village

Santa’s Village is a great spot for family entertainment that is located in Bracebridge on part of the Muskoka River. It is a Christmas / Santa themed park that is open from June to September and a few days around Christmas. Santa’s Village opened in 1955 and has been growing ever since.

Currently, there are lots of rides for younger kids, animals like sheep, deer and goats, live entertainment and an area for older kids called Sportsland.  Basically, this is where Santa relaxes and hangs out during the summer months.

Hidden Valley Highlands Ski Area

You might not expect to find downhill skiing in North Muskoka, but it’s there. Hidden Valley Highlands Ski Area is in Huntsville, and it’s an exciting time for all ages. They are open from December to March, and the longest run measures 580 meters with a vertical of 100 meters. Night skiing is also available if you’re looking for an active way to fill your evenings.

Deerhurst Resort

Deerhurst Resort in Huntsville is a great place to visit, and it’s also a great place to visit for some memorable entertainment. Not many people would guess that the longest running musical variety stage production in all of Canada is right here in Huntsville. Deerhurst has been presenting the production for 30 years, and tickets are very affordable.

Gravenhurst Opera House

The Gravenhurst Opera House is more than 100 years old, and in that time it has seen hundreds of performers and productions grace its stage. It was originally built for a cost of $12,000 and even though that was a lot at the time, it was well worth the hefty price tag. Some recognizable names that have performed at the Opera House recently, include Peter Paul and Mary, The Gatlin Brothers and Diana Krall.

Muskoka Brewery

It may not sing or play a tune, but the Muskoka Brewery is a fun place to visit for anyone who enjoys the concept (and the taste) of handcrafted beer.  Tours of the brewery are available and you can certainly bring some back to the cottage to try.

These are just a snippet of things to do while you spend time in your North Muskoka getaway. The entire region is scattered with golf courses, restaurants, pubs, museums, galleries and more.