Fishing on Lake of Bays in the fall is a satisfying, relaxing and rewarding experience.

Whether on a dock, in a boat or from shore, the stunning cavalcade of colors from the trees changing will do nothing short but set the scene for a great morning, day or evening of fall fishing in Muskoka.

Lake of Bays is a clear, cold body of water – it’s deepest part is 230 feet. Fish species that inhabit the lake are lake trout, rainbow trout and brook trout, smallmouth bass, whitefish, lake herring, rainbow smelt as well as many minnow species.

Lake of Bays has been a popular place to fish for centuries. There are more productive lakes in the region, but there’s something to be said for the deep, clear waters and charming nooks and crannies that outline the lake. Lake trout and smallmouth bass are the main sport species and the lake is known to produce trophy lake trout in excess of 20 pounds. These trout are difficult to catch, but the cooler weather of fall makes this an optimum time to fish for trout, as when the weather is warmer in the summer you need to do deep trolling as the trout go to where the water is cooler. Small mouth bass are often found in the shallower water around the shores and on shoals.

Quick Tips

Locals who fish Lake of Bays frequently recommend in the fall to go fishing with tube jigs off of islands and points and trolling crank baits along drop offs. This tends to yield small mouth bass and pike.

If in a boat, locals recommend finding an area that goes from deep to shallow very fast (~80-100′ to 10′) and drop-shooting live minnows and drifting back and forth over that area for good bass fishing.

Don’t neglect to hover around river mouths and try using jigs and spoons – in the fall lake trout are in abundance in these areas, and are sure to give you some fishing excitement.