For some people, the peace, tranquility and utter perfection of cottage life is just too great to keep it as a secondary home and part-time lifestyle.  Whether you are in retirement, approaching retirement or still raising your family, Huntsville and North Muskoka in general has a lot to offer.

Skeleton Lake, Lake of Bays and all the picturesque bodies of water in this area have a way of grabbing hold and not letting go. Once you’ve spent some time this way and start attaching those happy memories to the culture and the environment, you’re as good as hooked.

There’s really no secret or mystery as to why you’d want to move up to the cottage permanently. However, it’s important to consider some critical factors to make the transition a smooth one, no matter what stage of life you are in.

Your Finances

Time may seem like it stands still when you’re at the cottage, but you will still need a steady income to make it happen. If you are retired and have your pension all planned out, then you’re a step ahead of the game. If you work from home or have employment arranged in Huntsville or somewhere in North Muskoka, you’re also thinking ahead.

Just don’t plan a permanent move to the cottage without considering and organizing your finances, because living up here is often more expensive than people think. You may need to make renovations to the cottage in order to make it livable year-round, too.  If you are selling your city home to relocate, you may have some extra money for upgrades from that transaction.

The Amenities

Depending on what stage of life you are in, you’ll need the right amenities to make permanent living a possibility. For retirees, you’ll want the appropriate health care facilities close by, you’ll want shopping, maybe some golf. For younger families with kids still at home, you’ll need schools to send the kids to.

There is nothing wrong with having to make some sacrifices, but you also want to be able to live life how you want to live it, and that includes having certain amenities in your general area.

Are You Sure You Want It?

It’s easy for anyone to stare out the front window of their cottage at Lake of Bays, Skeleton Lake or Lake Wasoesa and daydream about trading in their busy, big-city life for a full-time cottage life, but are you really sure you want it? Quite often, visiting and moving your whole life turn out to be very different and you don’t realize how much the big city actually means to you.

Take the Time to Visualize

Take the time to really visualize living up in North Muskoka during every season, and see if there aren’t some twinges of doubt. Does it feel lonely at certain times of year? Will you still have access to your social network? Is your place always accessible, no matter the weather?

If you go through all the steps and still feel that burning desire to make the cottage your permanent residence, the only way it will happen is by taking action. Start the planning process today!