Ontario is one massive province, with literally hundreds of lakes for your swimming and boating and fishing pleasure. The Huntsville and North Muskoka region has many, many lakes and perfect cottage areas, but it just might be the ideal location if you’re looking for a cottage, for a combination of reasons.

You Can Keep Your Day Job

If you work and/or live in Toronto, the North Muskoka area will enable you to keep your day job and spend a lot of time at the cottage. Places like Huntsville, Baysville, Dwight and Dorset seem like a different world, but they aren’t a world away. When you consider that you could drive 15 or 20 hours north from Toronto and still be in Ontario, the couple hours it takes to get to a North Muskoka cottage are nothing.

The Ultimate Variety

North Muskoka also offers quite the variety of cottages, to appeal to just about everyone. It’s pretty common knowledge that certain Hollywood types like to spend time in and around the Huntsville area, and while there are seven-figure properties available, it isn’t all priced beyond the average person’s reach.  The price ranges, styles and layouts vary throughout the region, so never say never!

Lots to Do

North Muskoka offers a lot of activities, both natural and man-made, which is yet another appeal of choosing this as a cottage location. Ideal lakes such as Lake of Bays and Skeleton Lake await you to find adventure. You are far enough north, that the air is clean, the stars fill the sky and wilderness is never far away, yet the towns are built up enough that you never really feel isolated.

When you’re at your cottage, you may not want to do anything else, but for those that like to spend longer periods of time up here, the list of things to do is large, and includes:

  • Provincial Parks, such as Arrowhead, Big Wind, Ragged Falls, Hardy Lake and Algonquin.
  • Over 40 outdoor trails, some running as far as 40 km in one direction.
  • Summer activities such as swimming, hiking, water skiing, golfing and fishing.
  • Winter activities such as snowmobiling, ice fishing, cross country and downhill skiing, snowboarding, skating and dog sledding.

Nearby Attractions

Whether you’re in Huntsville, outside of Huntsville, in Lake of Bays, Skeleton Lake or wherever, you’re never too far away from the attractions that dot the entire area. Some of the more popular include:

  • Castaway Cruises
  • Dorset Tower
  • Lakes of Muskoka Cottage Brewery
  • Lake of Bays Boat Tours
  • Muskoka Rails Museum
  • Muskoka Wildlife Centre
  • Santa’s Village
  • Gravenhurst Opera House
  • Deerhurst Resort
  • Hunstville Downs
  • Baysville General Store
  • Dwight Market

The North Muskoka region is a spot that really can please every member of the family, so if you’ve been trying to think of just the right area, take a closer look today!