How to Tell If Lake Ice Is Safe to Walk On

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Winter may seem as though it’s never going to end, but each day that goes by is one day closer to spring, and one day closer to questionable ice on local lakes. Even in the midst of winter storms and colder temperatures, keeping an eye on the ice is always a good idea. Generally speaking, winter… Read more »

6 Tips for Safe and Productive for Ice Fishing in Lake of Bays & North Muskoka

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Ice fishing in North Muskoka is a tradition that many anglers look forward to every single winter. Whether it is whitefish in Skeleton Lake, Trout and pickerel in Lake of Bays, Lake Wasoesa or any other number of prime spots surrounding Huntsville, ice fishing in the Muskokas is as good as it gets. The two determining… Read more »

Tips for Fall Fishing on Lake of Bays, Muskoka

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Fall Fishing for Lake Trout on Lake of Bays

Fishing on Lake of Bays in the fall is a satisfying, relaxing and rewarding experience. Whether on a dock, in a boat or from shore, the stunning cavalcade of colors from the trees changing will do nothing short but set the scene for a great morning, day or evening of fall fishing in Muskoka. Lake… Read more »