Should I Buy a Cottage in the Winter?

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The idea of purchasing a cottage during the winter months is enough to make some people (even experts) feel a little uneasy. In terms of price, you’ll likely find the best deals in the winter, but there is a lot more to it than that! It’s not uncommon for sellers to raise prices into the unrealistic… Read more »

How to Tell If Lake Ice Is Safe to Walk On

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Winter may seem as though it’s never going to end, but each day that goes by is one day closer to spring, and one day closer to questionable ice on local lakes. Even in the midst of winter storms and colder temperatures, keeping an eye on the ice is always a good idea. Generally speaking, winter… Read more »

Why North Muskoka Is the Ideal Location for a Cottage

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Ontario is one massive province, with literally hundreds of lakes for your swimming and boating and fishing pleasure. The Huntsville and North Muskoka region has many, many lakes and perfect cottage areas, but it just might be the ideal location if you’re looking for a cottage, for a combination of reasons. You Can Keep Your Day… Read more »

Important Tips for Renting Out Your Cottage

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Whether you purchased your cottage specifically as an investment property, or you find that your regular life doesn’t allow you to get up there as often as you’d like, renting it out is an option worth considering. There is never a shortage of people wanting to spend some quality time in the North Muskoka region… Read more »